To start your order choose the canopy type in the scroll menu first.

First choose the canopy type:

Than select the size:


With HOPs tandem canopies there are two different combinations you can choose from:

With a wave


Without a wave


There are two ways to choose your color combinations:
One by one, selecting a color and than selecting a certain part of the canopy.


Use „All top skin“ etc. to color whole parts at once. The name of the color appears above the marked color block. The selected part of the canopy is highlited first, after the click, it is colored pernamently.

If a color is not available, please contact us by email to find out the possible delivery term.

Don´t forget the choose the slider color too.

You can also transfer the finished / unfinished design to another size by using the „Use like a template“ button.

Active „Stock canopy“ button means, there are some finished canopies on stock. Don´t hesitate to check and see if you wouldn´t like one.


After you are satisfied with size and choosen colors please press „ Save, inquiry, order“ button.



Fill in your email address if you are interested in more information as the price, the delivery term and conditions.

We will cantact you back as soon as possible.